What we believe

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me."   John 10:27



The vision of His Call Ministries is to heal and restore the broken hearted; to help build /rebuild lives with a sound foundation in the knowledge and understanding of God’s love and grace, His Word, and His ways; to help individuals grow in knowledge and life skills; and, through Christ, come to maturity in relationships and assuming of responsibilities.


Furthermore, the vision of His Call Ministries is to teach and equip believers in how to hear the voice of God and follow the leading of His Spirit; how to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and walk in faith and obedience; how to receive prophetic revelation and to pray and engage in spiritual warfare with authority and assurance; and how to break demonic strongholds and set captives free. Training classes, seminars, retreats, and camps are scheduled throughout the year to accomplish these goals. Experienced, qualified, anointed leaders and teachers are invited to speak, minister, and impart their gifts.



The Board of Directors for His Call Ministries governs through its by-laws; sets policies; and oversees the operation of the ministry. Financial resources for the ministry come from the donations of those who support the vision and purpose of this ministry; and from the contributions of those benefiting from the ministry.




We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired, inerrant Word of God; the authority in all matters of faith, doctrine, and conduct.

We believe God is a Triune being: The Father, Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth; Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord God and King; and the Holy Spirit.  We believe in the virgin birth; the atoning death on the cross and the resurrection of Christ; The Gospel and salvation by grace; the second coming of Christ and the resurrection of the dead.