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School of Practical Ministry

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me."   John 10:27


     His Call School of Practical Ministry reflects a new paradigm in ministry training.  Come, let the Spirit of the Lord train and equip you to be sent out as laborers into His harvest field to do the practical work of the ministry of Christ.  Our students are thoroughly equipped, anointed, and sought out.  Christ's ministry on earth included:

  • Healing the sick

  • Casting o​ut demons

  • Teaching kingdom truths and principles

  • Miracles

  • Making disciples

  • Compassion, authority and power

  • Ruling over the kingdom of darkness

     Live seminars/courses are conducted on site.  DVD courses may be rented on a monthly basis.  No more than 50% of the courses may be dvds.  Students will also complete a minimum of 25 hours of ministry apprenticeship.   Students are required to submit a 2-4 page type-written paper within 30 days of completion of each course.  Courses and training emphasis:

  • Hebrew roots and knowing God

  • Spiritual gifts, anointing & power of the Holy Spirit

  • Intercessory prayer

  • Healing & deliverance

  • Spiritual warfare

  • Kingdom authority & government

  • Miracles, signs & wonders

  • Bible & covenant living

  • Dreams & interpretation

  • Seven mountains mandate

     A diploma of Practical Ministry is conferred upon graduating students.  Students are ordained and commissioned to fulfill Christ's Great Commission.  To request an application or learn more, please contact: or call 417-634-0165

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