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 About our speakers

Bruce and Reshma Allen travel throughout the world ministering the love of Jesus in the character of Christ. Unusual signs and wonders accompany the preaching of the Word. Bruce operates in a remarkable anointing for breakthrough into the glory realm with creative miracles touching the lives of many. Bruce  is the founder of Still Waters International Missions, has been a guest on "It's Supernatural with Sid Roth" and is the host of "For His Glory" on Angel TV. 

Bruce is the author of several books including best seller Gazing Into Glory, The Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day, Foundations of Glory and Biblical Secrets of the Supernatural Life.

A fresh and timely word can be expected as Bruce ministers.

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Dr. Mary Byrne is a national speaker against the Common Core State Standards Initiative and co-founding member of Missouri Coalition Against Common Core. She has an M.Ed. in curriculum and instructional and a doctorate in special education from Teachers College at Columbia University.


She has spent the past thirty-seven years in education -- her first 10 years as a special educator teaching all grade levels from parent-infant programs through K-12; and the last 27 years as an instructor in undergraduate through graduate levels -- including work as a coordinator of curriculum, assessment, and accreditation.

She served at Lt. Governor Peter Kinder's invitation on Missouri's academic standards work group for secondary social studies constituted by the 2014 Missouri legislation HB 1490 which she originally drafted. Dr. Byrne is a registered lobbyist  working on behalf of “uncommon” students and citizens to restore local control of education in the state of Missouri.

Daniel Duval is the founder of BRIDE Ministries International, a Christian Church and family of believers, centered on the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  God's kingdom is revealed when the afflicted are delivered, when the sick are healed, when miracles manifest, and when the name of Jesus Christ is exalted.  They specialize in unlocking these realities in a practical way through equipping men and women with tools for advanced spiritual warfare, deliverance, inner healing, and discipleship to maturity in Christ.

BRIDE Ministries offers Discovering Truth with Dan Duval podcase, the BRIDE Ministries Institute, the BRIDE Ministries Church, free prayer resources, weekly online community groups, conferences, and other outreaches, including strategic assistance to survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and government sponsored mind control projects.  Their vision is to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of sheep nations.

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Timothy Bence is an anointed man of God who moves in the spirit prophetically as well as in faith and obedience.  He has been hearing from the Lord since he was two years old.  He has an amazing testimony!

God has used him mightily to destroy idols and to tear down alters to Baal.

You don't want to miss Timothy Bence!

Timothy Bence - Conference Day 1

Derek and Sharon Gilbert are popular speakers at churches and conferences on end-times prophecy and their mind-blowing research connecting the ancient Canaanites to the Nephilim, the Watchers of the Bible, and the old gods of the Greek pantheon, the Titans.  Their most recent books are Giants, Gods & Dragons, a fresh take on end-times prophecy that identifies the entities traditionally called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Veneration, which exposes the influence of the pagan cult of the dead on ancient Israel (and on the prophecies of Isaiah and Ezekiel).  Sharon authors a series of fiction books called the Redwing Saga which are based on actual events.


Derek also hosts the daily news analysis program, Five in Ten for SkyWatch TV and co-hosts with Sharon SciFriday, Unraveling Revelation, and their forthcoming program The Bible’s Greatest Mysteries. If you’re curious, watch here for a sneak preview.  Meanwhile, check out

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Derek and Sharon Gilbert - Conference Day 1

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Chris Hogan 1.jpg

Chris Hogan is an internationally acclaimed executive coach, training business leaders around the globe to better communicate as executive teams and be more effective.  A consultant to leaders in organizations, Chris helps them develop high-trust teams with open communication that leads to clarity and innovative solutions. His work has made an impact on leaders around the world, including top executives at Yahoo, Sales Force, Zinio, among many leading organizations in the US and abroad.  Chris also helps equip men and women to be effective in their relationships that matter most, and mediates for people and organizations to resolve their most pressing issues and reconcile relationships.


Chris has been a licensed  Franklin-Covey Facilitator. He also serves as an Executive Coach, Consultant and Speaker and has been Keynote Speaker at conferences in the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. 

Pastor Joe Knight was called into ministry in November 1981.   After a very hurtful divorce in 1993, Joe moved to Dallas, Texas and was attending Sojourn Church where he later met and married Margie. Shortly after their marriage, they attended a deliverance conference during which the Lord spoke to Joe and said "this is what I want you to do". After extensive training in deliverance ministry, they were released to minister to others in 1997.  This year marks 26 years of deliverance and inner healing. Eighteen of those years were spent at Glory of Zion International Ministries in Denton, Texas. Thirteen of  those years were spent as a Pastor on staff at Glory of Zion.

In October of 2018 the Lord moved them to  Tennessee.  They started attending Gateway Church in May 2019 and last spring were added to the staff as Senior Adult Pastors.

"Whatever we have received of and from the Lord we want to give back to HIS PEOPLE so they can walk in freedom and wholeness.  We want to show you how to walk in a new level of freedom and wholeness on your journey in the Lord!"

Foundational Principles of Deliverance

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Ira Milligan is a best-selling Christian author, having written nine books, published by Destiny Image Publishers, including the popular "Understanding the Dreams We Dream".  He has served in active ministry for over 50 years, traveling the country and the world several times over, presenting such seminars as:  Dreams and Their Interpretations; Counseling and Inner Healing; Spiritual Warfare; and Prophets and Personal Prophecy.  Ira has taught classes on counseling as a guest lecturer at Oral Roberts University.  He is widely sought for conferences and interviews as he travels, bringing a distinctive teaching style and unique wisdom and knowledge of the Bible not often seen.

Ira Milligan's - Introduction to Revelation

Rev Phoebe Mugo is a Five Fold minister with a special God given assignment to awaken and prepare the Warrior Bride in this End Time dispensation. Within an Apostolic and Prophetic mantle she leads three prayer networks: Intercessors for Kenya, Kenya Intercessors Network and Destiny of Africa. These Networks bring Prayer Ministries and Churches into partnership for effective territorial influence.

The Prayer Ministers are equipped to translate their prayers into activities that transform the market place to align these with Kingdom Principles.  Phoebe Mugo is an apt Teacher of the Word, an anointed Prophetic intercessor, an author and a builder of the praying army. 

She graduated with a Master’s degree in Bible Exposition and Theology after which she served as a Pastor in CITAM, a lead Church in Kenya. She continues to offer voluntary Pastoral care in Karen Community Church.  Phoebe is a loving wife to Albert, a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3.

Phoebe Muga.jpg

James Wasike Murunga serves as presiding Bishop of Grace Community Fellowship, Kenya.  He oversees a network of over thirty churches with GCF.  He is National Chairman of Churches Together Consortium that brings together over thirty church organizations with the aim of advancing God's Kingdom.

James serves in prophetic as well as apostolic spheres of ministry.  His greatest passion is to see the Christ's church walk in kingdom unity and villages, cities, regions, and entire nations come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, worshipping Him in Spirit and truth.  He and his lovely wife, Maria, have three boys and one daughter.

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A daughter of the Most High God, Karee Naudet,  is a Wife, Mom, and Grandma, who loves to see the captives set free. She first learned of deliverance and healing in 2005 following a time in her life when it seemed that “all hell was breaking loose”, and so began her journey and a desire to help others obtain freedom, healing and wholeness.

Karee now holds certifications to conduct Personal Advocacy Sessions in the Courts of Heaven. In 2022 she was ordained and blessed to fulfill the call of God to teach what she has learned and help bring healing and deliverance to others.

She has been on staff with LifeSpring International Ministries for more than 2 years, legislating in the Courts of Heaven in personal advocacy sessions where the Just and Righteous Judge lays the axe to the roots of curses, ownership claims, false verdicts, slavery, bondages, accusations & more.

Better is One Day in His Courts, than a thousand elsewhere!

Jill Noble is the Missouri Director for National Day of Prayer.  She is a lobbyist for Concerned Women of America and works with Missouri legislators to pass conservative laws that promote Biblical principles and righteousness.  She works on a special task force with Governor Parsons of Missouri.  Jill is a powerful, gifted, and anointed speaker.

Sylvie Sudduth.jpg

Sylvie Sudduth was born in France and grew up Catholic.  After being led to read the Bible, she received revelation that Jesus Christ was alive and became a Born-Again Christian.  She immediately started serving the church: from evangelizing to ministering in various ways to the homeless, leading cell groups, teaching adult Sunday School, mission trips, and children’s ministry.

Having walked with God for over 30 years and along with consistently studying and learning about God’s desire to see His people set free, Sylvie served alongside her husband, Bill Sudduth, in order to teach and minister on deliverance, until his passing.  They have held conferences and classes (nationally and internationally) that have helped people be set free and be equipped to engage in deliverance ministry.

Kay Tolman is the Founder and CEO of Revelation Gateway Ministries, LLC.  With over thirty years of personal recovery from satanic ritual abuse, and a Master of Christian Counseling degree from Christian Leadership University, Kay specializes in training ministers to effectively serve those in severe trauma recovery. She has developed biblically based methods for healing the broken heart, DID integration and mind control deprogramming, as well as advanced deliverance strategies specific to occultism and witchcraft. She travels nationally and internationally as an author, speaker and teacher.  In 2018 Revelation Gateway Ministries, LLC was established. Today the ministry is aligned with Glory of Zion International Ministries and is now located in the Denton, Texas area. 

Kay Tolman is the author of Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed; Recovery of a Christian Survivor and Moved with Compassion; A New Wineskin for Healing and Deliverance. Her other works include Serving SRA Survivors and Mithraism Deliverance and Deprogramming

Kay Tolman's - Satanic Ritual Abuse Conference Day 1


Dr. Stuart Watkins is a licensed minister of the Gospel with Eagle World-Wide Ministries in Hamilton, Ontario and commissioned by the Global Spheres Centre in Corinth, Texas as a Business Apostle, Deliverance Minister, and a Christian Author. He is a member of the Global Council of Nations, the Global Transformation Project, the Canadian and International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, the International Society of Deliverance Ministers, and the Calgary Christian Connect Group.


He holds a Doctorate of Apostolic Leadership (Practical Ministry) and a Ph.D. in Ministerial Studies (Economics). His passion has always been to help people, whether teaching Biblical Economics and Christian business principles or offering excellence training for marketplace ministries and businesses. An entrepreneur for 40+ years, he owns an investment company, a publishing company and serves as a financial, operational and strategic planning consultant to churches, charities and non-profit organizations.

Biblical Economics 101

Daniel and Janine Wedekind love sharing their knowledge of our Jewish roots and the love of God to the world through music and teaching.  Their study material and music are available at their webpage  SHMAmusic is ministry dedicated to promoting praise and worship music and inspiring Bible teaching.

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His Call Ministries Andrew and Kelly.jpg

Andrew Whalen is a prophetic revivialist and founder of Whalen Ministries and Vanquish-Prophetic Warriors.  Andrew travels nationally and internationally on prophetic assignments in league with national prayer leaders, churches, businesses, and law enforcement to bring prophetic wisdom, breakthrough, and revival.  

Andrew receives many prophetic dreams and interpretations of those dreams.  He is training up a strong group of prayer warriors through his strategic warfare bootcamps.  

Andrew Whalen - Conference Day 1

Natalie Wolfe is a mother, businesswoman, spiritual leader and founder of Your Family Blessings LLC.  Natalie completed the Intensive Christian Healing Certification Program through Randy Clark's Global Awakening Ministry as well as Joan Hunter's Complete Healing School.  She is a member of the Association of Certified Healing Ministers and was ordained in 2016.  

She has authored "The ABC Blessing Book" and "Accidental Agreements with the Enemy" both which are available through Amazon.

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